The Future of Mind Mapping

Blair Young posted a great blog article on the future of Mind Mapping. The article provides insights on how mind mapping is poised to make the shift to the next level of supporting teams and organizations in visualizing data and creative thinking. Today’s software opens the door to help facilitators and leaders to think differently about how teams work with and use data on a daily basis.

The power of mind mapping software today rests in its ability to do three things that really make a difference to teams.

  1. Integration – Today’s applications make it possible to build maps that integrate with databases, software applications (e.g., Office 365) and project management software (e.g., Microsoft Project).
  2. Collaboration – Many applications allow groups of people to co-build maps that can support collective planning, decision making and thinking together to support new innovations and changes.
  3. Mathematics – Some applications allow you to build maps that have math built into the design. Using the math functions, one can see options, build scenarios and explore implications combining math and visualization in one place.

With so many great Mind Mapping applications on the market, one can find an application to support your thinking and the work of your team. I like to use mind mapping it to building focused conversations for teams.

You can find Bill Young’s article here. I would encourage you to read it.

Then find a Mind Mapping program of interest for you and give it a spin. You will be surprised at what you can do to support your team.

And in answer to your question – I use Mind Manager by Mindjet!

Have a great day.