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Planning Ahead for the Fall of 2010 - Exploring Patterns

Planning Ahead for the Fall of 2010

It’s summer and this is a great time of the year to plan ahead to the fall. Here are few things to consider as you develop the calendar for fall.

Strategic Plan Update – The fall is a good time of the year to review the status of your strategic plan. Set aside time for your board and senior time to review the status of the strategic plan. In building a process for reviewing your plan, you may want to consider the following resource.


Contract Obligations – If your organization is funded by a funder, set aside time to review the terms of the contract. Is your organization on schedule to complete all of the requirements of the contact, on budget and on time? If not, develop the plans required to close the gap to ensure your organization can meet the terms of the contract.

Quality Management Review – Establish a time to review the quality indicators and measurements for your organization for the period ending June 30th and then ending September 30th. Is your organization on track with the required indicators? If not, explore what steps are required to bring the indicators into standard. (Tip – What processes need further investigation?)

For an additional resource, consider using the Ontario Health Quality Council’s Report as part of the review process. The following is a link to the LHIN Analysis Report


Watching the Money – The economy continues to evolve and the fall will be a good time to consider the economy and its impact on your organization. There are a wide variety of sources on the economic trends for Ontario, Canada and other countries. A great resource on economic trends is the Canadian Banking system. To learn more about the resources, visit the following resource page from our website.


The fall appears to be far away. However, planning for special meetings on key topics and confirming dates this summer will enable staff, volunteers and funders to work together to reach the goals needed for the 2011/2012 fiscal year.