Mother Nature 1: Electical System 0

I’m not sure what happened on Sunday night.
It was one of those electrical storms you live through every once and while. It was very colourful with lots of banging and crashing.
Eye catching is a phrase that comes to mind.

By the time the storm was over, it had a left it’s mark:

  • six breakers tripped in the electrical panel
  • One UPS box was cooked
  • One fried network switch
  • One cooked bell Phone Modem
  • One dead VoIP Phone Switch
  • Another network swtich dead with no lights
  • Two external hard drives rendered useless
  • Internet Radio that can’t play a tune
  • Television with no picture
  • Computer that won’t start up
  • The good news is that other equipment endured the electrical spikes and survived.

    I’m in the midst of getting things repaired and back in order.

    And I am wiser for the experience. Afterall, with all of the best protection in place, Mother Nature still wins!

    — Jerry