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Making Sense of the Days - Exploring Patterns

Making Sense of the Days

Since my last note, the learning curve continues as I discover more about myself than I do about using Priority Management on a daily basis. It seems, when you have a clear way to look at life, life becomes just that much easier to understand.

Here are five new lessons I have learned about myself.

  • I really need at least 30 minutes a day to plan the next day. There are no short cuts. The time is needed to reflect on the day completed and identify what MUST get done on the next day. With so many opportunities and distractions, it is easy to get lost.
  • I have only so much processing power in a day, period. I’m not sure where I developed the bad habit of thinking that I could process information all day long. It is important to take some time out which is not processing data. It’s something I’ve learned to include in my calendar.
  • I have a different work week. The one think I enjoy about my work is the diversity of projects. With the diversity is a seven day work week. Some weekends are off, others are on, week nights are on and others are off. So, I’m starting to build that into the planning.
  • I can only do one thing at a time. Not sure if that is news but it is the truth. Trying to keep six things going at the same time is simply not that much fun. With a single focus approach, I tend to get things done quicker and they make more sense.
  • I can find additional time by making the software work for ME. I continue to experiment with various pieces of software to see how they connect with each other. I discovered I can write my blog entries in MSWord and post them to my blog. That saves me about 10 minutes per blog. Add that up over a year, it adds about a day to my year in saved blogging time. I’ll take it!

The Priority Management Course was a solid investment. There are immediate and long term benefits and I know I am just starting to discover. They secret is to stick with the process and the principles over time.

I’ll keep you posted on the journey.