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Grinding Through the Workload - Exploring Patterns

Grinding Through the Workload

Grinding Through the Workload

If you are looking at a long list of things to get done this week, you are not alone. I’m often asked how does one manage the growing list of work with a busy schedule. Here are three (3) tips that you may find helpful.

  • Tip #1 – Turn off Your E-mail

    Yes, turn off your e-mail. One way to get some focused work done is to turn off your e-mail and focus on the task at hand. Personally, I like to check my e-mail about every 50 minutes. I put my Blackberry away to avoid the flashing light or beeps from incoming e-mail. This allows me to focus. With less interruptions, I can get some work done.


  • Tip #2 – Make a List the Night before and stick With It

    If you make a list of things that need to be done the night before, it’s easier to get started on it first thing in the morning. I find I can only plan about three major things to complete in a day. I have to account for phone calls, sudden meetings etc. I think the key is to make the list as reasonable as possible to ensure you can be successful.


  • Tip #3 – Ask for Help with Getting Organized

    If you find the lists are getting too long, seek out assistance in getting organized. The help can be in the form of a friend, a colleague or a course. I think it is just helpful to ask for tips and advice from others on how they manage their busy workloads. One of the best investments I made two years ago was visiting the folks at Priority Management for their one day training program on Microsoft Outlook.


If you are looking for a training program, I highly recommend the course. To learn more visit