Project Management and Facilitation

Part 2 of a paper on project management and process facilitation is up on the ICA Associates Inc. blog.  Here is an interesting quote.

“Every project will have a moment of disagreement or a difference of opinion between the client, facilitator, and others, which can evolve into a dispute that must be resolved. Disputes can be resolved if the facilitator and the client establish a framework for identifying a shared definition of a dispute and ideas on a resolution process. Documenting the dispute resolution process can create a framework of trust and accountability before a dispute emerges.”

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The Art of Strategic Focus

The team at XMind announced this week they will be closing their cloud service.  Work will continue to evolve and develop their XMind Mind Map products.

To learn more about the closure of the site, read the announcement.

I wanted to shout out and give the team at XMind my support for this decision.  Too often, firms continue to do something just because everyone else is doing the same thing.  The collective decision by the team at XMind demonstrates their  commitment to focus on the mission and vision of building a great mind mapping product.

The ongoing improvements in XMind Pro and XMind Zen and XMind for IOS will continue to make significant difference for mappers.

I look forward to future generations of the XMind products.

Jerry Mings, CXM



Facilitating Conciliation – Two Day ICA Associates Inc. Course

Join me on November 14th and 15th in Toronto for Facilitating Conciliation Course.

Facilitating Conciliation is a two-day course designed for the person who needs to work with conflict among individuals and groups. Even though conflict is built right into life and is part of the creative process, negotiating from power and fixed positions deepens the divide and expands the problem. People need alternatives to adversarial approaches in disputes. Rather than “managing” or “dealing with” conflict, this course works with the underlying root cause of systemic conflict.  People can work together and form solutions even when conflict is built-in, normal and will not go away. Facilitating Conciliation works in all these situations.

To learn more or to register, visit ICA Associates Inc Website.