Closing Down Facebook

I do like to explore and learn new things.

With that comes new opportunities and end of old adventures.

This is a short heads up to let you know I will be gone from Facebook effective Friday, April 27th.  

You can catch up and find me here at my blog or online at Twitter.

I wish everyone all the best on Facebook and your net adventures.



Project Management and Facilitation

Part 2 of a paper on project management and process facilitation is up on the ICA Associates Inc. blog.  Here is an interesting quote.

“Every project will have a moment of disagreement or a difference of opinion between the client, facilitator, and others, which can evolve into a dispute that must be resolved. Disputes can be resolved if the facilitator and the client establish a framework for identifying a shared definition of a dispute and ideas on a resolution process. Documenting the dispute resolution process can create a framework of trust and accountability before a dispute emerges.”

Click here to read the full article.




Moving to the Future

I was scanning through the chapter, Introduction to Theory of Constraints by H. William Dettmer.  I found this quote that made me smile.

” An organization must have some means of combating the process by which people become prisoners of their procedures.  The rule book becomes fatter as the ideas become fewer.  Almost every well-established organization is a coral reef of procedures that were laid down to achieve some long-forgotten objective.” – John W. Gardner.

I often wonder how many organizations find themselves operating out the past in a fast-changing environment.

Sometimes, it helps to look at our organizational rulebooks and see if they are helping us move forward or simply holding us in place.

We can then make the decisions that really matter.

And maybe we can review the rules we create.